Description of Sporting Clays

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Description of Sporting Clays

Post by Admin on Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:58 am

Sporting Clays is a course of clay target presentations spread out over many stations consisting of a wide variety of shots. To further explain the topic, and use one of the most common references, Sporting Clays is similar to golf with shotguns. You will generally shoot with a group of two or more, moving from station to station until you have completed the course. Eacxh station will have a menu dictating the amount and tyope of shots to be taken at each station. The stations will either add to a full course - 100 targets, or a half-course - 50 targets.
Types of shots: When describing shots I will refer to Target A and Target B to be known as seperate targets thrown from seperate trap machines

Report Pair - Target A is thrown at the command of "Pull" from the shooter - (To be extremely technical, the target is thrown at the sound of the last letter) Target B is then thrown at the report (or firing of) the first shot fired.

Simo Pair - Target A and Target B are both thrown at the command of "Pull" from the shooter

Target Variations

Standard - 108mm Clay target disc

Midi - 90mm Clay target disc

Rabbit - Very thick clay target disc, generally traveling along the ground

Battou - Very thin clay target disc, displayed initially razor thin, and will "show face" part way through its flight creating a shot window


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